Powerboat Races in Texas

Galveston Powerboat Races in Texas

High speed action is what people have come to expect from powerboat races in Texas. This state holds some of the best racing competitions anywhere. This year, visitors will get a chance to participate in a glorious celebration that will occur over an entire three day weekend in October. Thrill seekers will not be disappointed by the astonishing races being planned with some of the most powerful speedboats in the country competing. The view will be enthralling with all of the charm of the Galveston Gulf Coastal area.

Interested parties should make their plans now to attend the first kick-off Texas Coast Boat and Outdoor Show. Visitors will be treated to a lavish boat parade in Mardi Gras style. Many unique outdoor and water supplies will be displayed. Galveston is known for its fine array of food selections. The music will be performed by popular live bands. Historical attractions, diverse cultural activities and an invitingly friendly atmosphere combine to make this event outstanding. Get away to a location that has it all. Contact 561-842-8808.

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