Tri-Hull Powerboat Racing in Texas

Tri-Hull Powerboat Racing in Galveston Texas

Watching thrill packed boating competitions is a satisfying experience for spectators. There is an upcoming event that will feature awesome Tri-Hull Powerboat Racing in Texas this year. The Texas Coast Boat and Outdoor Show will be taking place in October in the Gulf Coast city of Galveston. This style of racing pulls the crowds in with the phenomenal maneuvers and the powerful force of the uniquely designed vessels. Wild and enthusiastic energy thickens the air making the action all the more dramatic.

These national Tri-Hull Powerboat races will be the main attraction on Saturday and Sunday of this three day weekend festivity. Spectators will be captivated by the scenes unfolding right before their eyes. The memories from this enthralling adventure will last a lifetime. Other events, exhibits, displays and activities will keep every attendee occupied doing something that they truly enjoy. Many of these diversions will give visitors a spectacular glimpse of the graceful charm of the Galveston area. Contact 561-842-8808 for more detailed information.

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